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Duration Anywhere between half day to 3 days

Team Effectiveness Solutions

Teamwork is a common requirement with an uncommon understanding among team members. The regular understanding is that teamwork is about showing care, concern, being supportive and "let's do it together" spirit. What if none of these result in a worthwhile team outcome? Those areas are valuable but a professional team knows how their efforts interlink and affect the final goal.

Our team building programs are focused to take things beyond team building into team collaboration. This requires a different paradigm where business simulations are used to simulate real-world scenarios. Participants later explore the collaborative working culture with through self-directed process. It requires everyone to build meaningful connection, staying accountable to the personal outcome and develop a sense of confidence in each another's ability.

Using powerful indoor and outdoor activities, we provide participants to experience each development domain for better realization and commitment to transformation.

Over the years, our Teams@WORK! Series have been used for the following team conditions and objectives:

  • Operational Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Newly Merged Teams
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Change Management
  • Culture Alignment
  • Teams in Conflict
  • Bullish in Bouncing Back