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“Learning the
from doing
the practice”

Business simulation is a great experiential learning tool that allows participants to witness how some of their own dominant thoughts and actions actually affect their decisions and performance. This changes learning from the collection of information into the conviction for transformation.

The immersive nature of our business simulation is coupled with well structured debrief. This provides an ideal opportunity for participants to internalize the knowledge from mere seeing and hearing to self-discovery by doing. Our simulations range from tabletop simulations to open-space simulations both indoor and outdoor.

The Anthill Cove

Developing a Self-Empowering Culture
Duration 4 hours including debrief
Class Size
Class size 5 - 30 participants


Anthill Cove is a tabletop business simulation on rising up the corporate ladder of an organization. Participants begin their role as executives and take on initiatives that will enable them to rise to the management level of the company. With the challenges of fulfilling the project needs, they will work towards making the best use of every opportunity available to build their competency and drive effort. They will also need to balance their career pursuit with personal wellbeing. This needs to be done as potential challenges emerge as they take on higher responsibility.

  • Taking proactive effort for personal career development
  • Focusing on results contribution as a prerequisite for promotion
  • Seeking available opportunities within the organization
  • Taking on challenges that are of higher complexity and magnitude
  • Synergizing with team members for mutual benefit
  • Growing the company along with self as a means of progress